Catching up on News

I haven’t written here for quite a while. I’m realizing I need to apologize to my writer self. My minister self, wife self, gardener self, and various other selves, have been taking all my time.

It is the first day of summer, with a new moon eclipse, at the end of a hot hot week. I have loved the hot hot week, even the day that they say was the hottest spring day on record for our area. I want to be outside as much as possible. I spent time in my hammock that hottest evening. That’s probably why I have a mess of bug bites on my neck. I didn’t notice until Friday morning. I knew I had a bug bite or two, but looking in the mirror told me a different story. No wonder I am itching. But I still want to be outside as much as possible.

My garden

Yesterday morning I gardened in my bare feet. I spent most of the day barefoot. It wasn’t comfortable walking barefoot on the part of the lawn that is brown from no rain, but I realized that part was actually driveway. In previous summers, over the past twenty years or so, the lawn has taken over the driveway. I guess grass doesn’t survive too well on gravel in the hottest spring day on record. I considered taking advantage of that, to scrape the dried grass off and prove to the world that it is indeed driveway. We don’t use that driveway often any more, for cars. Perhaps we would, if it looked like a driveway again. But clearing it off is either very time consuming, or would involve my brother and his big toys.

Speaking of my brother, I found him when I was out for my walk last night. He had stopped at a neighbour’s house, and was just leaving when I ambled along. We had a nice chat. He lives a short walk from me, but we haven’t seen each other much lately, what with his busy spring schedule and the COVID-19 cautions. I’m not visiting anyone indoors right now. Outdoors is pretty safe. So that’s what I’ve been doing. On Friday, I visited another brother, and his extended family, as well as my neighbours next door, where I allowed myself to receive a child hug. Hugs are nice.

Here in New Brunswick, our COVID-19 case numbers are so low that we have been gradually opening up. Our bubbles can include our usual friends and family. In my mind, that means that hugs from a child next door are safe and allowed. That was my first hug other than from my husband since mid-March! I wrote it on my calendar of contacts, just in case.

But soon, I will be getting lots of hugs. Another NB change is that people can come into our province to visit mothers and grandmothers, but only if you submit to two weeks of quarantine. My daughter and her family will be arriving on Wednesday, if all goes according to plan. I sure hope it does, for all of us are in a hug deficit. I will take my chances on getting sick, if it means I can see my grandgirls. We will have fun here, on our own property for two weeks, and then outdoor visits can begin again. I wouldn’t be surprised though, if some of my siblings make an appearance in the hayfield from a safe distance before that.

The hayfield beyond our gazebo

I am gradually getting ready. Three more sleeps. Another massive grocery list. A wading pool to fill. I think maybe I’ll sit in that myself, if it stays this hot. I have a long list of things to get ready, but I’m excited and happy. On my walk last night I felt like skipping. Happy happy!

I had been down in the dumps some of the time this spring. Staying home, recording my sermons for Youtube, Zoom gatherings with colleagues – all of that hasn’t bothered me. Listening to the angst and anger south of the border has bothered me. Thinking of all the people who have been sick or sheltering in place in situations so much more restrictive than mine has bothered me. (Being rural, I have all of the great outdoors. I’m not stuck in a hot apartment. I have plenty of food. My COVID-19 experience is not too bad at all.) I think the hardest thing has been the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m feeling it strongly this time.

I have just read White Fragility. It is a very good book, which really made me think. I did not realize that being “colour blind” could be part of the problem. I struggled with that notion, but the book has me talking about racism in a different way. That, I think, is the point of the book, as it is essentially about WHY white people have such a hard time talking about racism, why we get so defensive. I will be taking part in a book study with colleagues over the summer, so I will be rereading the book. I can hardly wait to be part of the discussion, on Zoom, of course.

Ready to record a sermon
outside under my trees

So that is probably enough catching up for now. Before I go, I will invite you to check out my Youtube channel. All my sermons are posted there, with each week’s short service, including a couple of songs, sung a capella by yours truly, the scripture reading for the week, and a prayer. If you like them, subscribe, and get a notice every week when I’ve posted the next one. You can also notice the weekly changes in my hair, which I still have not cut. I’m enjoying the lengthening process. When it stops being fun, I’ll do something about it, but that won’t happen for the next couple of weeks! The grandgirls are coming! I’m not going anywhere. Woohoo!

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Recently retired from a career in private practice psychology. Newly ordained to ministry in the United Church of Canada. Mother, grandmother, dreamer, writer.

3 thoughts on “Catching up on News

  1. Lovely post, Alice. I am yearning to visit New Brunswick as you might imagine. Hopefully by August the 14 day quarantine will be relaxed. Then again there’e always Krista and Steve’s travel trailer. Hope the dip in the wading pool is refreshing, and your visit is fantastic. I’m sure both will be true. 🙂

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  2. The hate that I am becoming more aware of, has made me very sad. God will lead us to new beginnings, I pray for we, judgmental selves,
    to become, loving to all people.


  3. I really hate the racism that’s going on, in the world these days. I wish we all could treat people, like we like, to be treated. God made us all and we should love each other. This Pandemic should bring us together instead of tearing us apart. God is good. He will see us through this terrible time and help us out in our new beginnings. I like your message, Alice, and enjoy reading your posts. God Bless.

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