I have written a couple of books, so far. I intend to write many more.

The Glory of Being

In the spring of 2003, I began to write The Glory of Being, to pull together my own theology, for myself. My understanding of God and spirituality had changed significantly. At the time, I did not know that I was deconstructing, or had deconstructed, or that deconstruction was a normal part of maturing spiritually. My thoughts continue to change and grow. In 2012, I knew I was being called to ministry with the United Church of Canada. I was ordained in May 2019, having returned to school to graduate yet again, this time from United Theological College, just before my 60th birthday.

The Glory of Being is a snapshot of my thoughts in 2003. I expect there will one day be a new book, which in my dreaming of it is called Glory 2.0. In reading The Glory of Being, take it with a grain of salt. Even though it is in print, it is not Truth, or even my own current truth. Nor does it represent the United Church of Canada. Allow Spirit to speak to you through it. Allow the Dream of God to become real to you, in whatever way Spirit touches you as you read.

Reaching for Wholeness is a compendium of stories and tools designed to help you in your relationships. Do you keep getting into the same unhappy relationship time after time? Are you a relationship addict? Is your relationship emotionally destructive, even abusive? If so, it is time to develop a lasting relationship with your Self. Personal wholeness can change every relationship in your life.

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