The Bible, the Bee, and the Spider

I have been dreaming, after a long dream drought. I reopened the faucet of dreaming first by participating in an online dream workshop series with Robert Moss, and later with a new teacher, Ariella Daly. I’d worked with Robert many times, and am grateful for his new online offerings. In one of our guided dreamingContinue reading “The Bible, the Bee, and the Spider”

Hidden Things

Easter Sunday when I was eight years old, must have been cold and snowy, because I remember I had to wear my boots to church. I remember that very clearly, as well as the mess of feelings Little Me was having that morning. I am the oldest of six, but that Easter we were onlyContinue reading “Hidden Things”

Tending the Flame 2

This morning, this poem by Allison Rennie, ©Feb 2021, arrived in my inbox. I loved the poem enough to ask her permission to share, which she graciously gave. Thank you, Allison. Candles that won’t light are the bane of any worship leader, even when the worship is solitary, at home, for online services or privateContinue reading “Tending the Flame 2”

A Different Sort of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s sermon is about Love, not the usual kind of love that we celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Today you will hear about Elijah and Elisha, the strength of Elisha’s love for his mentor, and Elisha’s courageous determination not to look away from Elijah even at the moment of his death. I wasContinue reading “A Different Sort of Love”

Loose Ends, a Lenten Practice (1)

I like things to be in order. I like cupboard doors closed, books arranged so they are easy to find when needed, my grocery list arranged in the same order as the aisles in the store. I’m not obsessive about these things, but order, having things and activities in order, my order, keeps my stressContinue reading “Loose Ends, a Lenten Practice (1)”

Loose Ends, A Lenten Practice (2)

I have started gathering loose ends, writing them down on slips of paper, curling them into twists with scissors, and tucking them into my Loose Ends box. Some loose ends, like dust, are never finished. Some will eventually get done, like the leaky faucet I mentioned the other day. Other loose ends went officially toContinue reading “Loose Ends, A Lenten Practice (2)”