Catching up on News

I haven’t written here for quite a while. I’m realizing I need to apologize to my writer self. My minister self, wife self, gardener self, and various other selves, have been taking all my time. It is the first day of summer, with a new moon eclipse, at the end of a hot hot week.Continue reading “Catching up on News”

Reluctant Messiahs

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. I read the story in Matthew 21 about the day Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey. The people proclaimed him a king, the long awaited Messiah. They sang jubilant songs, spread palm branches and cloaks on the road ahead of him, and cried out to him toContinue reading “Reluctant Messiahs”

Pollyanna and Suffering

I have always been an optimist. Once upon a time, when Pollyanna was a popular children’s story, I took on that persona, the cheerful optimist, the “glad girl”. The book was published in 1913; Disney made a movie in 1960. I was very small at the time, and never saw the movie, but the storyContinue reading “Pollyanna and Suffering”

Loneliness will Kill you

I love Brene Brown. I’ve read several of her books, and always delight in any videos I find. One came to me as part of an ongoing conversation of why we love church. Over and over in our conversations, the word “community” comes up. Brene Brown puts more words onto the importance of church, inContinue reading “Loneliness will Kill you”