Getting Older

I don’t feel my age. Some people say they feel 90, but I feel like 30 something, younger than my daughter. How does that happen? It’s good to feel younger than my years, but sometimes lately I get stopped up. Like the other day when my daughter took a picture of me with my beautiful granddaughter Anna. (Sorry, I’m not sharing her sweet face, just my own.) I was having fun, as you can probably surmise from the photo on the left, but gracious! I have grey hair! I thought maybe makeup would help, and maybe it does. I’ll let you decide.

I know it is inevitable to get grey hair, and other such changes, and I’ve decided I will be my natural self without colouring. Well, I’ve done purple before, and may again. There are other changes that you can’t see, like the sweet little red polka dots that seem to sprout up all over me. I feel like a banana, with all these spots. Bananas, in my opinion, are most delicious when well spotted. So I am getting more delicious all the time.

This morning I read Philippians 3:20 and 21, and it spoke to me in a different way.

We are citizens of heaven, exiles on earth waiting eagerly for a Liberator, our Lord Jesus the Anointed, to come and transform these humble, earthly bodies into the form of His glorious body by the same power that brings all things under His control.” The Voice 

What if this is what aging is, the transforming of our humble bodies into a glorious spiritual body? It’s a work in progress. Our younger bodies may be lithe and seemingly physically perfect, but what if our real bodies are what is yet to come? And this delicious banana ripening stage is part of the glorious process? It’s all under control. It’s all good.

Published by dreambringer

Retired from a career in private practice psychology. Ordained to ministry in the United Church of Canada. Mother, grandmother, dreamer, writer.

2 thoughts on “Getting Older

  1. I am sure that you and I are both beautiful children of God. He assures us of that in the scriptures. My hair colour at 68 is a steal grey and brown mix and it is all natural as of last year. I am 68 years old and I feel much younger than that because I am a dreamer and a planner, many interesting and wonderful things and places yet to visit and dream of doing and possibly do much of it. My experience with our son has only made me stronger and I will continue on in good faith. You should meet my beautiful Mother. She’s something else at 94.


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