Tending the Flame 2

This morning, this poem by Allison Rennie, ©Feb 2021, arrived in my inbox. I loved the poem enough to ask her permission to share, which she graciously gave. Thank you, Allison.

Candles that won’t light are the bane of any worship leader, even when the worship is solitary, at home, for online services or private prayer. I’ve written about my necessary careful tending of the Peace candle. Then this morning, my fire would not start. I kept adding paper, kindling, but only achieved smouldering and smoke. Finally, sitting with the stove door open, I managed for it to catch. Only later did I realize the damper had been closed for the night. I’d forgotten to check.

Not enough air. Not enough breath. Not enough Spirit sometimes in our lives, to light the flame of hope or peace or love. Persistence, writes Allison. Staying with it. Let’s not give up on our world. Thanks, Allison!

Published by dreambringer

Retired from a career in private practice psychology. Ordained to ministry in the United Church of Canada. Mother, grandmother, dreamer, writer.

2 thoughts on “Tending the Flame 2

  1. I will not give up on Peace or Love but my Hope becomes dim at times, but only for a brief moment. I question more than ever before. How did our World go so wrong? How can we be sure that this does not continue to happen over and over again in the future? When we work so hard to help our loved ones stay safe and secure and healthy, how does God, who is creator of all things big and small, continue to let this happen? This is definitely not of God, right? Covid is evil.


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